Westley... 23... I live too hard, i go too fast, and im the guy who is the exception to all your little rules...

and of course here...

What is this? A legit tumblr app? Maybe I actually start using tumblr again…

Laurel was here, ode to Laurel being here.

someday ill remember i have a laptop again… and thus access to tumblr…

I have a laptop again….

So maybe ill actually exist in the tumblrverse again…


I’m sorry tumblr…

But I am connected to wifi so scarcely that I no longer keep up with you… :( sorry

You know how they say a girl knows if they will sleep with a guy in 10 seconds? Well why can they know how badly they are going to be hurt by a guy in 10 seconds.

I’m falling apart
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saosin | you’re not alone

I need to fucking get out!
My life is ridiculous…

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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