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Not only am I the poorest I have been since I started working, but the zip ties holding my fender and bumper in place snapped! So now my fender is hanging down and bumper is separated from the body. It’s about a $150 repair, that I simply cannot afford right now. Wonderful, way to pile it on… I need some cheering up! Good news… Or something.

Few things I gotta learn…

-Do not chug a pint and follow it up with another beer
-Find a friend to drink with who can steal my phone and possibly cuddle.
-Find a beer I like that’s easy to say when intoxicated. Corona and Heineken will not come out well drunk.
-Autocorrect is my best friend! Makes my drunken works come out clearer.
-When I’m drink…. Now…
I forgot the last one but im sure it’s important!

So I think I may have legit forgot how to talk to girls I’m interested in.

And one starts work at CVS Thursday. And I have no idea what I’m gonna say to her. I bet I’ll just get uber shy and miss out on possibly something nice. 5 days of mental prep and possibly advice might be what I need. I always manage to mrs up from the get go.

Day 5 of 7 straight work days…

So today was crappy. I felt like crap, didn’t sleep for crap, my legs worked like crap, crap crap crap crap. Thats what you’d expect me to say, and you are right. Today sucked, but only 2 days left! I start bright and early in Augusta the next 2 days, and tomorrow is truck day so with any lick 8 hours will pass quickly with very little customer interaction because my patience with people lately is quite low. And I think disc golfing is in my immediate future!

Day Recap…
  • Went to the dentist, told i have very nice teeth
  • My “Forever Should Never End” armband snapped after wearing it for 7 straight months, thankfully, i had a second one… I still cried.
  • Worked in Augusta
  • Found out that i work the next 6 days, which will make 7 in a row. ON ONE JOB!*
  • Got a nice check, about $350!
  • Craving pumpkin pie.

*Attached rant. FUCK YOU PEOPLE WHO WORK 2 JOBS AND THINK ITS NOT A BIG DEAL TO WORK 7 DAYS A WEEK. Im doing this for the same company. Not that my job is hard, but ive been awfully stressed lately, and at this rate, if things do start looking up, i will have no chance to unwind and will be very restless. Also, i am very sick of the customers i interact with on a daily basis. An old lady started bitching at me, saying i was discriminating against her for asking her if she had a CVS card. And then ranted at me for 20 minutes on how how corrupt corporations are and that i should be ashamed of myself for having a job.

Also, i now need to find someone to stay with in Augusta next Tuesday night so i dont have to waste gas.

You know it’s gonna be a shitty day…

When you wake up with a splitting headache, and you work 9 hours, and it’s truck day so you will be moving nonstop, and you start the day talking in 2nd person… Well, you just have to get through it…

Wow… Just went through my old emails…

And got really pissed at myself. Most of them make me sound like a prick, and a terrible boyfriend.

Too hot to sleep in room. Too loud to sleep without headphones. Too restless to sleep with music in ears. Can’t win… Can it be morning yet?

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